ROCK INSIDER: New singles and EPs from Dayton-area artists

Singles were once the domain of major labels and boutique vinyl record companies, but the wide availability of music streaming platforms has leveled the playing field.

Now, artists at any stage of their career can release individual digital tracks in a cost effective way. This has helped foster a lot of great local music, especially in the realms of pop, rap, R&B and EDM.

Here’s a look at some of the new releases of 2024:

The first Dayton offering to ping my radar was the single, “Needs,” a sultry ballad from Dayton R&B singer Luther Suede. It went live on streaming platforms on Jan. 6. This song follows the solo album, Pride Over Love,” in May 2023, and “Sincerely Yours,” a three-song collaboration EP with rapper Eman Jones in March.

The Bruins, which will be appearing in the finals of the Dayton Battle of the Bands at The Brightside in March, released the digital single, “Candy,” on Jan. 18. Gabe Maas and his crew deliver another sweet soul-pop tune, following up on the 2023 bangers, “Devil’s Reject” and “Scary Flick.”

The eclectic batch of singles from Dayton-based pop stylist Arianna Holiday was a pleasant surprise in 2023. “I Am the Storm” is dub step-EDM with the Lost Order, while “Time’s a Waistin’” is an acoustic duet with Noah Back, “Wet Laundry” is sultry R&B and “Runaround Stu” is a cheeky takeoff of “Runaround Sue” featuring VIPeach. Thankfully Holiday didn’t keep us waiting long for new music in 2024 with “Joker” hitting streaming platforms on January 18. True to form, the singer didn’t repeat herself with this dark, moody pop number. Holiday’s debut album is slated for release in March.

J Fletch, the local producer of lo-fi beats, released dozens of short solo tracks and collaborations in 2023, delivering singles at a steady clip. That routine is continuing in 2024. “Back Alley,” a virtual collab with Turkish producer Sycho Gast, came out on January 5, followed by the solo track, “3 on 3,” on January 19 and “Microgreens” with Costa Rican producer Nivyer G on February 2.

January was a big month for singles, but a couple of Dayton ladies were thinking bigger. I recently covered “Scripted,” the new six-track EP from rapper Candy Barz. It dropped on Moves Global on January 19. The following day, R&B singer Yvnn released her own six-song EP, “Intentions,” via Higher Learning Entertainment. She released some tasty singles in 2023 but shows further growth with this collection. The lead single, “Others,” released in November, is a collaboration with Luther Suede.

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