TASTE TEST: 7UP wants to know what Miami Valley thinks of its new ‘Simple’ soft drink, starting next week

The Dayton area has been used before by national companies seeking to test-market new products

Credit: 7UP

Credit: 7UP

Beginning on Monday, March 15, customers shopping in several retailers throughout the Dayton area will be able to snag a brand new version of the iconic 7UP soft drink.

7UP’s latest product is called “Simple 7UP,” and the soft-drink maker says its new carbonated beverage is intended to provide the same refreshing taste that 7UP always has, but with a transparent ingredient list. The product is made with only six ingredients, which include carbonated water, real sugar and lemon and lime extracts.

Simple 7UP will be available on retail shelves at select Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, Dollar General, Speedway and other stores in the Dayton area starting Monday. The product will be sold only for a limited time as a part of 7UP’s testing program.

Dayton is no stranger to national companies’ test-marketing strategy.

In November 2019, when Taco Bell was weighing whether to jump into the fried-chicken-strips game, it chose just two cities in the U.S. — Dayton and Houston — to test-market its Crispy Tortilla Chicken. In late 2016, McDonald’s tested new breakfast sandwiches at its Miami Valley stores. Several other companies have found the Dayton area’s tastes, demographics and values to be reflective of a broader market and have offered new products here first before rolling them out — or deciding not to roll them out — nationwide.

For more information about 7UP, pay a visit to the company’s Website or Facebook page.

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