Texas transplant Pucca Scotty promotes Dayton R&B, hip-hop



Pucca Scotty wants to leave a mark on Dayton’s hip-hop and R&B scenes.

The Texas transplant recently discussed several topics including future plans, Ohio life and the artist showcase Pass the Aux V set for Sporty’s Taproom in Dayton on Sunday, July 10. Headliners include Ooze2Nasty, Dope Donny and Tre’Don.

Multi-hyphenate: “I went to Full Sail University for audio engineering and production. I also studied music business. I really want to start a record label but right now I’m a producer, event coordinator, singer-songwriter, manager and A&R. I DJ and play guitar and drums as well. I’ve been doing all of it for a long time and I want to share what I’ve learned.”

Adaptation: “I lived in Houston all my life. It was definitely a huge culture shock coming here from a huge city. It was right after the bad tornado knocked everything down. Then, COVID hit, and everything shut down, so I didn’t do much that first year. I was definitely ready to go but I got to do a lot more the second year. That’s when I started doing Pass the Aux. Now, I like it.”

Showcasing others: “I’m an artist but I’m more of a studio artist, a background person. I don’t like to be up front but it’s naturally in me to help people. I was doing something in Houston called the Creative Experience. Pass the Aux came when I got here, and it keeps growing. About 30 people showed up for the first one. I didn’t expect that many people. The second one I had 300 people and I was surprised by that too. The third one was almost 400 people. I expect this one to be bigger.”

Dues paying: “It’s hard when you’re investing all your money into yourself and you’re still struggling. I had to sleep on the floor of my studio for three or four months and nobody even knew. I was just trying to make as much money as I could to survive. I’ve been through all of that, from the lowest of the lows and the highs too.”

Industry insider: “I just signed a publishing deal. I’ve been working behind the scenes on beats, hooks and ideas for artists on their roster. I really can’t say much about the artists until it’s official but it’s good. It only takes one time. I’m excited because I’ve never been this close with actual A&R people and managers at a label. Now that I’m there, I can’t blow it.”

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What: Pass the Aux V with headliners Ooze2Nasty, Dope Donny, Tre’Don, KMagic and Coby and others

Where: Sportys Taphouse, 5202 N. Main St., Dayton

When: 7 p.m. Sunday, July 10

Cost: $15 in advance, $20 at the door

More info: 937-242-7553

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