Touring Vegas show with Dayton native to perform pop diva hits Monday in Centerville



Divas3 launched in Las Vegas in 2013. The show, presented by Miami Valley Community Concert Association at Centerville Performing Arts Center at Centerville High School on Monday, March 20, was such a success it couldn’t be contained to the Vegas Strip, so producer Nancy Allen started taking the show on the road.

The program features three powerful singers performing solo, in duos and trio, revisiting some of the most beloved songs by Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and other female vocalists. While the performers have changed over the years, the quality has never diminished. The touring version of Divas3 coming to the Miami Valley features Dayton native Charity Farrell, memorably seen in productions at Dayton Playhouse and TheatreLab Dayton, along with Samantha Duval of California and Crystal Garrett of South Carolina.

Divas3 was on a recent tour stop in Iowa when the ladies logged on to Zoom to discuss the concert. While Duval has only been with the group a few months, the three singers have a genuine camaraderie and obvious affection for each other.

Great expectations

Garrett: “Getting into this group was big. It’s been almost a year now, but I felt like I had a lot to uphold because it’s so well-known and it’s so well put together. Nancy Allen has done an amazing job creating the show and it’s well received everywhere the group performs, whether it’s on a ship or on land. I knew I had to step my game up and make sure I was adding and contributing to the group because I knew I had some big shoes to stand next to, not to fill.”

Farrell: “I’ve been with the show for a year and we’re so aware that so much work was put into getting the group to where it is now. We’re coming in at a place where we’re reaping the benefits of the extra work all the other girls before us put in. Honestly, I’m just grateful we came in at this spot. We’re playing big houses and people already know the show. All of the kinks have been worked out so it’s just us stepping in and doing our jobs.”

Duval: “Yeah, I feel super grateful for the opportunity. I’ve known about this group for seven years. There were times I was available, but they weren’t looking for divas. Finally, I got my chance. They were looking for divas, I was available, and everything fell into place. It’s been super exciting. All the girls are so amazing. They’re all so talented and not divas at all.”

Fast friends

Garrett: “Yes, everybody is so nice. I was pleasantly surprised by that.”

Duval: “Everyone is so sweet and so supportive. We’re all each other’s biggest fans, which is super cool.”

Farrell: “We travel a lot together, 24/7, so we’ve gotten pretty close.”

Garrett: Yeah, the divas comes from the fact the songs we sing are by divas and we’re embracing that side of the diva but not the stereotypical extra stuff.”

Farrell: “It’s definitely not a character we’re putting on. When you come see the show, it’s more concert-style so our actual personalities are what you see on stage. The diva theme means we’re singing songs of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton and all these huge, beautiful divas.”

Garrett: “It’s not easy singing these songs night after night, I tell you that much. These divas are the best of the best, but we don’t try to be them because we can’t. These are divas that everyone knows, and everyone recognizes. We take our appreciation for the work they have given to us and given to the world and put our humility and respect on it by basically singing it the way God has blessed us individually to have voices. We don’t try to become the divas because they are one and only divas in themselves. We just do what we do.”



Deep repertoire

Farrell: “There are a couple of medleys in the show but often there is either one of us on stage or a duet happening and then we’ll break those up with the medleys rather than doing a full show of just medleys. My favorite song we do is ‘You’ve Got a Friend.’ It’s a really good arrangement and all three of us sing it together. I genuinely enjoy singing with these two, I really do. That’s honestly my favorite song.”

Duval: “Ah, that’s very sweet.”

Garrett: “I agree but I don’t know if I have a favorite.”

Farrell: “You don’t like the duets with me?”

Garrett: “Yeah, we have so many, that’s why I can’t pick a favorite. We have so many great moments together, and that’s the thing I enjoy the most. We normally perform and it’s individual but now we’re able to all perform with each other, whether we’re in duos or doing the three group pieces. It’s really nice to look over and see a friendly face that’s doing the same thing and is in the same moment as you. That’s really nice.”

Duval: “We do have a lot of really good ones but if I had to pick a favorite group number, it would be ‘River Deep.’ It’s just so much fun. I’m in a unique position where I’m kind of in the back so I get to watch them and feed off their energy. It’s really, really fun.”

Female empowerment

Garrett: “We also have an amazing pianist for this leg of the tour. Grace Han is fabulous, and we really enjoy working with her and feeding off her energy.”

Duval: “It’s not every day you get to share the stage with only females. That’s super special so we’re really grateful we have Grace with us.”

Garrett: “Girl power.”

Duval: “It’s just going to be a really good time. What’s really funny is we actively encourage everyone to sing, dance and have fun and a lot of times they’re still afraid. We got out into the audience at the end of the show to get them to dance and they’re like, ‘Should I?’ Yes, we mean what we say when we encourage people to get up and dance and have fun. You don’t have to but if you feel inspired to do so, please do. That makes it more fun for everyone, not just for them but for us too.”

Garrett: “Get ready to have a good time because we are. We’re so excited to see everyone and perform this show and watch everyone take it in. We feed off each other on stage but we also feed off the audience and how they received. That’s what makes the show.”

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What: Miami Valley Community Concert Association presents Divas3

Where: Centerville Performing Arts Center, Centerville High School, 500 E. Franklin St., Centerville

When: 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 20

Cost: Tickets per concert are $35 adults, $5 students

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