MOTHER’S DAY: Let’s treasure the little things and sound advice. Tell us how your mom reminds you she loves you?

Our moms do a million tiny things every day to show us they love and care for us. Maybe your mom texts you “good luck” before a big day at work or school. Maybe she picks up knick-knacks every time she’s out that she thinks you’ll like. Maybe it’s the heartfelt advice she gives you to comfort you on a bad day.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to know: What small things does your mom do or what advice has she given that shows she really knows you and is thinking of you?

Please share your reflections to be considered for publication on Mother’s Day. Please fill out this Google Form by end-of-day Thursday, May 4. Also include a photo of you and your mom. Reach out to staff writer Zoe Hill at with any questions.

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