Virtual memorial for one-year anniversary of the Oregon District shooting is unveiled

A virtual photo mosaic commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Oregon District mass shooting has been unveiled.

The mosaic is made up of photographs submitted from the community and combined into one united memorial image.

At first glance, the image depicts the candlelit scene from the vigil held on Fifth Street hours after the shooting.

When you zoom into the interactive image, the individual photographs stand out.

Photos of smiling friends posing with the “Dayton Inspires” mural, a family at a Dayton Dragons game and “Dayton Strong” signs are among the scenes.

“Dayton continues to shine. We’ve wrapped arms around one another, disrupted our lives to keep others healthy, and stood shoulder to shoulder against injustice. We are a gritty city, and we have shown time and again that we can face any challenge that comes our way,” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley wrote in a Tweet sharing the mosaic.

An interactive version of virtual mural allows you to zoom in on the smaller images can be found on the City of Dayton’s website at

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