‘We had one of the best days ever’: Dayton-area residents share their post-vaccine joy as hope for the future

For those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, there is hope of some return to normalcy.

The Dayton Daily News talked with residents from throughout our communities for a report about the lives of those who have been vaccinated, what experiences they’ve restarted and what that post-pandemic world could look like for more people. Please join us in helping to tell these stories by considering becoming a subscriber.

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Here’s what some of your neighbors had to say:

“We had one of the best days ever since this horrible pandemic began. To see those babies this past week, it was almost a miraculous feeling.” — Marie Trittschuh of Butler Twp., who visited her grandson and four of her great-grandchildren recently. She lost both her children to COVID-19, one this March and one last March.

“I put my freedom day on the calendar (over a month ago),” — Jeanette Schultz of Washington Twp., who celebrated that “freedom day” by going out to lunch with her best friend.

“I think we’re realizing that we’ve really turned the corner and I truly notice an upswing in mental health … The antidote for loneliness is connection.” — Scott Hall, a mental health counseling professor at the University of Dayton.

We’re going to enjoy getting out of jail” — Steve Seboldt of Dayton, who a three-day trip to a vineyard in the Canton area with his wife, Peggy, after they were vaccinated.

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