This delicious $1 food deal might be one of Dayton's best-kept secrets

Credit: Cory D.D. Miller

Credit: Cory D.D. Miller

Dayton does not shy away when it comes to its craft beers and food.  You can walk in one direction and be greeted with Italian food and IPA beers, and in another direction you are met with a grilled PB&J and the world-famous Muses from Lily’s Bistro.

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I am an explorer of the delicious and the discounted, and there is no better place that I know of that does both of these as well as Kings Table, 2348 Grange Hall Rd., Beavercreek.
For over the past 10 years, Kings Table has been pumping out a deal that is not well-known by many, but is quickly becoming a Dayton staple.  Wednesdays are for grilled cheeses -- $1 grilled cheeses, that is. Coupled with $1 tomato soup and $1 tater tots, your tummy is filled easily.

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King’s Table General Manager Kat was the mastermind behind this genius deal that has been making thousands of mouths water starting every Tuesday night.  By providing something that is different and still delicious, allows many to experience the true atmosphere of Kings Table in its daytime glory. 

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My go-to order is two grilled cheeses, one with bacon and one without, an order of their Dayton-famous tater tots, and recently I started getting a cup of tomato soup topped off with a glass of delicious ice water. The best part about this deal is that EVERYTHING is just $1 (with the exception of bacon, that's an up-charge).

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After leaving you may get that “Dammit, I can’t wait an entire week for another deal like that!” feeling. Well, there is good news to be heard.  Thursday (the day directly after Grilled Cheese Day) features $1 brats and $1 tots. Dayton, you are a getting a double dollar whammy two days in a row. No deal can beat that. Also, if you want to keep the party rolling into the weekend, come back Friday night to sample one of the 56 beers King's Table has on tap.

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WHAT: King's Table

WHERE:2348 Grange Hall Rd., Beavercreek


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