MOTHER’S DAY: The little things moms do leave big impressions on kids

Readers reflect on cherished moments.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate all the moms, grandmas, great-grandmas and beyond this spring, we asked the Dayton community to share the little memories that show off mom’s love. Sometime the little things have the biggest impacts, and the memories or advice shared can span generations and lifetimes.

Just a call away

I talk to my mom multiple times a day about anything and everything. She always offers words of encouragement, and the thing I love most about my mother is that she is the most honest, straight forward and strongest woman I know. She is an amazing mother, and I only hope to follow her example with my own daughter.

Allie Grilliot about her mother Deb Pulos, of Dayton

Showing up always

My mom’s extremely supportive and does everything out of love. She’s an amazing mom, and the best grandma ever. She shows up for me like no other.

Tae Winston, of Dayton, about her mother Chanda Winston

Life-long impressions

I will be 90 years old this fall, but I still remember when I knew I had a special relationship with my mom. It was after the war, around 1947. The entire gang of us four kids were having lunch. Mom, ever resourceful, was serving boiled hot dogs at the table. She had already passed around the buns and the condiments were on the table, so we were ready to eat. Mom walked around the table delivering a hot dog out of the pot to each waiting bun. We each received one and proceeded to dress them with relish, onions and mustard to suit. When I finished preparations, my mouth watered and said, “Delicious hot dog.” As I bit down, however, my teeth bounced up and down. My hot dog was made of rubber!

George Lamb, of Dayton, about his mother Amy Lamb

Preparing for the Next Generation of Memories

She sends me recipes from my childhood, watches shows with me even though we are in different states so we can talk about them, talks in movie and TV show quotes with me, flies out to Dayton the drop off a hat for important life events and she took three weeks off of work to stay with me after I have my baby! She also talks me through all the worst— and best— parts of pregnancy!

Yana Crossland-Wilson, of Dayton, about her mother Anya Crossland

Working Together

While I have siblings, my mom and I share a special bond since we both work in the theatre. We have directed each other, acted together and co-directed plays. Some people say, “It must be difficult working on shows with a family member.” That is not the case with us; we have similar styles and work well together. I have asked Mom for input and assistance preparing audition sides and working on projects, and she has always been willing to help. Through the tough times, she has been there to listen and be a shoulder to cry on, reminding me, “When God shuts a door, he opens a window.” Mom has always supported me and my artistic endeavors, providing encouragement and knowledge. As she says, “People come and go in life, but family is the one constant— providing love and support.” I am thankful for her love and support.

Annie Pesch, of Dayton, about her mother Fran Pesch

Never Giving Up on You

I’ve always struggled with my career path and with trying to accomplish my goals with school. My mom has always been so encouraging and has always told me that “even though you may feel like giving up, I’ll never give up on you.” With these words, she’s helped carry me through my hardships and has made me into the person I am today. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Gabbie Ramos, of Centerville, about her mother Angie Ramos

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