Where is everyone going? More people moved out of Ohio in 2017

People just don’t want to stay in Ohio.

Ohio landed seventh on United Van Lines’ annual “Most Moved From States” list for 2017. More people moved out of Ohio than into the state, according to the study. About 56 percent of moves were out of state while 44 percent were moving into Ohio, according to the moving company.

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In Ohio, about 19 percent of people who left the state did so for retirement and 65 percent moved because of another job opportunity. About 27 percent of people moved to Ohio for family reasons and 62 percent of people moved to the Buckeye State for a job.

So, where is everyone heading if they’re not staying in Ohio? “Americans are moving westward, flocking to the Mountain and Pacific West, while the Northeast and Midwest continue to lose residents,” the study found. Illinois saw the most residents moving out of state in 2017, with 63 percent of moves being outbound.


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