13 trivia clues that stumped Amy Schneider in second annual ‘Jeopardy! Masters’ tournament

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Dayton native and “Jeopardy!” super champ Amy Schneider finished fourth in the second annual “Jeopardy! Masters” tournament, which aired May 1-22.

The Oakland, California writer and winner of the 2022 Tournament of Champions was among six super champs vying for trivia glory: reigning “Masters” winner James Holzhauer; Season 1 “Masters” finalists Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach; 2024 Tournament of Champions winner Yogesh Raut; and 2024 Invitational Tournament winner Victoria Groce. Schneider, the runner-up in the Invitational Tournament, was specifically chosen as a Producers Pick.

Final results and winnings: Groce (1): $500,000; Raut (2): $250,000; Holzhauer (3): $150,000; Schneider (4): $100,000; Roach (5): $75,000; and Amodio (6): $50,000.

Here are 13 trivia clues that stumped Schneider during the course of the competition.

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney


Category: Meet the Smiths

Clue: The rapper and actor born James Todd Smith took this stage name as a teen.

Schneider’s response: The Fresh Prince

Correct answer: LL Cool J


Category: Overlaps

Clue: Collectively all the living matter in the Bay State.

Schneider’s response: Unfinished response

Correct answer: BioMassachusetts


Category: Plane Talk

Clue: It’s the general term for a wing, fin or other airplane part that produces lift as it moves through the air.

Schneider’s response: Aileron

Correct answer: Airfoil


Category: Middle Name, Please

Clue: Of James Cagney, Jimmy Durante and Robert Kennedy.

Schneider’s response: Fitzgerald

Correct answer: Francis

Category: The “F.B.,” I

Clue: On Jan. 1, 1959 this leader said adios to Cuba, fleeing to the Dominican Republic.

Schneider’s response: Francisco Batista

Correct answer: Fulgencio Batista

Category: Anagrams

Clue: One is a procedure foundational to computer science; the other was made in large part obsolete by computers.

Schneider’s response: Unfinished response

Correct answer: Algorithm and Logarithm


Category: Short Stories

Clue: Down -- steadily down it crept... downward with its lateral velocity. To the right -- to the left’ is in this 1842 tale.

Schneider’s response: “The Gold-Bug”

Correct answer: “The Pit and the Pendulum”


Category: Furniture

Clue: Footstool options include the ottoman, which offers storage, and this, also a word for a clump of grass, which does not.

Schneider’s response: Tussock

Correct answer: Hassock

Category: The Tortured Poets Department

Clue: “The Awful Rowing Toward God” by this American was published in 1975, the year after she took her own life.

Schneider’s response: Plath (Sylvia)

Correct answer: Anne Sexton

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Category: Bridges

Clue: A Cold War-flavored word for a Russian, it simply means Russian, and is the name of an island and a bridge linking it to Vladivostok.

Schneider’s response: Bolshevik

Correct answer: Russky

Category: Eternal Sunshine

Clue: The first person to see a spacecraft named for him launched was Eugene Parker, father of the field known by this sunny term.

Schneider’s response: Heliology

Correct answer: Heliophysics


Category: Let’s Play Bingo!

Clue: Playing the game in this movie, Johnny Knoxville suggests making it “strip bingo” and that’s just the beginning.

Schneider’s response: “Dodgeball”

Correct answer: “Bad Grandpa”

Category: Metallic Elements

Clue: As it’s rarely found in pure form, one explanation of its name is that it comes from Greek for “not alone” or “not one.”

Schneider’s response: Astatine

Correct answer: Antimony

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

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