How cool is this?  Why these Ohio astronauts could be coming to a wall near you

Ohio is not only the birthplace of aviation, we can also claim the title birthplace of rocket riders.

An effort is underway to memorialize them in Dayton with a mural.

Bryan Stewart, a community activist and the  legislative aide to Dayton City Commissioner Christopher Shaw, has partner with The Mural Machine to bring the project to life.

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The project is in its infancy, but Stewart said more than $1,000 has already been raised.

Stewart said that idea is to highlight Dayton’s rich history for current and future generations.

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The Buckeye State is home to 25 astronauts including Dayton's Charles A. Bassett II;   Nancy J. Currie of Troy and Gregory H. Johnson of Fairborn.

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“There is so much for us to be proud of , Stewart said. “There is something about our community that propels us t othe stars.”

Stewart said that a location for the mural is being sought. The design or the mural has not yet been determined or how it will highlight the past or/and future.

“Is there a kid in our area that could on the first flight to Mars?” he said.

NASA has an interactive page about Ohio astronauts. 

Click here to see it.   

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