Local snake slithers into national ‘Wacky Pet Names’ contest — and needs your vote

Every year, insurance company Nationwide’s pet insurance team conducts a special “Wacky Pet Names” contest, where they gather the most unique and fun pet names their clients have. This year, one of the finalists — called “Boop Noodle” — is a snake that lives in a Liberty Twp., Butler County home.

Credit: Contributed

Credit: Contributed

On his bio for the contest, Boop Noodle’s owners, Kathleen and Douglas, explain why they chose the unique name for the pet.

“He is so cute that you just want to ‘boop’ him on the nose!” Douglas wrote. “Plus, he is shaped like a noodle because he is long and skinny.”

One of Boop Noodle’s favorite pastimes is to coil up on the family members, very similar to how one would coil spaghetti on a fork, the owners said.

Boop Noodle is a part of the exotic pets division of the contest, where he has some stiff competition. He is up against Cowpig the guinea pig, Snoop Hoggy Hog the pig, Frosted Mini Wheats the tegu and more.

There are also categories for cats and dogs, making for three total. The winner of each division is chosen by a public vote that started April 9 and runs until April 13.

Visitors to the site can vote for one animal per category each day. For those wanting to show their Ohio pride and vote for Boop Noodle, you can do so at petinsurance.com/wackypetnames.

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