Nabbed! Kettering police ‘catch frosty fiend’

In other news, ‘all criminal activity’ cancelled.

Credit: Kettering police/ Facebook

Credit: Kettering police/ Facebook

One thing is clear: Kettering police department’s funny bone is not frozen.

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A day after cancelling “ALL criminal activity” due to the extreme frigid conditions, the department has nabbed the mythical creature they say is behind all this polar vortex business.

Actually, "Jack Frost" turned himself in.

A post on the department’s Facebook page reads as following:

“A key player in this polar vortex movement has decided to come in out of the cold and turn himself in. Jack Frost took it upon himself to contact Kettering Police and arranged his surrender. Frost has been a shaker and a mover in the cold snap and had active warrants for Polar Vor-Texting.”

In potentially related news, police in Harlan, Kentucky, have issued an all-points bulletin for the arrest of Queen Elsa Arendelle — aka the star of Disney’s wildly popular “Frozen” movie.

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The Abominable Snowman had better watch his back.

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The so-called “polar vortex movement” has been very busy the last few days.

Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Dontae Jones  says bitter cold weather will stay in place through Thursday.

>> FROM WHIO: Dangerous temps, wind chills today; Wind Chill Warning remains in effect 

The wind chill into the afternoon will range between 25 and 40 below zero with temperatures staying below zero in some northern counties and around zero in the Dayton-area.

Despite the cold weather, people seem to be playing along with Kettering PD’s hijinx.

The department’s first comical post about the vortex has nearly 10,000 shares on Facebook.

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