NATIONAL HIPPO DAY: A look back at our favorite Fiona moments

May we be the first to wish you a very happy National Hippo Day.

We want to use this day as an opportunity to look back at some of our favorite moments involving Cincinnati Zoo’s beloved Fiona, the two-year-old hippo who was born six weeks premature in January 2017 and has captured the hearts of millions since.

Thanks to around-the-clock care in those critical moments, Fiona has been thriving and warming hearts for two years. Here are some of her brightest moments that have made us smile the last two years.

🍃The adorable 6-month photos

In July 2017, the Cincinnati Zoo was beaming with pride because it had a healthy, growing, 6-month hippo on its hands. We collected six of our favorite six-month-old photos of Fiona in this previous article.

🍃Fiona says bye-bye to bottle feeding

Less than one year after Fiona was born prematurely, she said goodbye to her hippo-sized baby bottle. The care team then transitioned her to a diet of all solid foods during following days.


🍃Fiona gets quality time with mom, Bibi

Last spring, Fiona was captured on video, giving mom hugs and kisses.

Credit: Contributed by Cincinnati Zoo

Credit: Contributed by Cincinnati Zoo

🍃Fiona poses for one of many glamorous photo shoots 

Flashing that big smile and wiggling her little ears, Fiona has not been camera-shy.

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

🍃Fiona breaks the 1,000 pound milestone

Our big girl stepped on the scale and delighted her caretakers in December 2018. Hitting the 1,000 pound milestone is an important marker in a hippo’s development. It’s an especially proud moment for the zoo, as Fiona was a premature baby, born six weeks premature on Jan. 24, 2017.


🍃Happy birthday! Fiona turns 2

Everyone’s favorite 1,000-pound toddler celebrated her 2nd birthday this year on Jan. 24.

It’s been a miraculous two years for the Cincinnati Zoo’s world-famous hippopotamus. Fiona only weighed 29-pounds when she was born Jan. 24, 2017. The normal range for a baby hippo is 55-120 pounds.

Credit: Cincinnati Zoo

Credit: Cincinnati Zoo

🍃Fiona a part of marriage proposal

Fiona helped celebrate the engagement of some #TeamFiona fans.

The couple were in line to snap a picture on their one-year anniversary when Nick Kelble surprised Hayley Roll when he got down on one knee and proposed while Fiona photo-bombed the special moment at the zoo’s Hippo Cove.

>> Fiona was part of couple’s engagement

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