Relax and de-stress in the most UNEXPECTED place — and for free

In the chaotic non-stop chatter of our lives on and offline, it can be difficult to simply relax.

As I left the office and headed out to the mall for a chat with the ladies at the Heartfulness Center, I looked forward to engaging with them about the unique way they offer relaxation techniques.

I was greeted by three women — Uma Mullapudi, Anjali Brannon and Libby Ballengee — who offered me a delicious cup of honey lavender tea before we sat down in the front area of the lounge.

As we began to chat, I was immersed and amazed by the selflessness of these women who volunteer their time and knowledge. They relayed to me that, with the unrelenting responsibilities of our daily lives, we’re often hindered from performing acts of self-love.

Mullapudi, the regional in charge and one of the trainers at Heartfulness, works with her team to help guide the public into meditation to combat these pressures.

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“We’re constantly ‘doing something,’” said Brannon, a Heartfulness trainer said. “We believe we ‘don’t have time.’ Many of our guests feel the calmness they establish through meditation feels like the most productive thing about their day.” To this point, Mullapudi pointed out, “What successful person hasn’t [meditated]? Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Carrey..” She went on to share a surprising example of Thomas Edison’s meditative practices and behaviors I was not formerly aware of.

Credit: Alex Perry

Credit: Alex Perry


Since 1993, the Heartfulness organization has worked alongside individuals helping them establish peace and joy in their lives through the ancient practice of meditation. With roots in 130 countries, the Heartfulness organization has worked with nearly every type of business, organization and individual to instill a sense of calmness and peace. They are also formally associated as an NGO with the United Nations.

From churches to police departments, senators and first responders, even corporations and children, Heartfulness has worked with thousands of people instilling this life-changing technique. Best of all, they provide these services for free. Their services are financially supported only through donations.

Heartfulness believes inner peace should always be free.

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Two locations in Dayton host the trainers performing the soothing practices — one of which may surprise you.

The SRCM Heartfulness Meditation Center in Beavercreek is located on Lantz Road, large enough to host up to 200 people.

The second, unexpected location, is the Heartfulness Lounge on the ground floor of the Fairfield Mall, across from the Buckeye Room (this spot is best for individuals or small groups).

In describing their mission, Mullapudi expressed, “We want to give the tools to the common public; [we] provide these methods in a very accessible lounge in a welcoming environment. The technique should be accessible to all.”


Heartful Living’s five-week course launches today, March 6, and will continue through April 3. Classes are held from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at their Fairfield Commons Mall location. The objective of this course is to offer practical guided meditation sessions, suggestions and techniques to deepen your understanding about the practice of meditation and the art to live consciously in our day-to-day lives.

The suggested donation for this course is $25 for Beavercreek residents, $30 for nonresidents. You can RSVP here or by calling 937-426-5100.

Credit: Alex Perry

Credit: Alex Perry


Mullapudi invites everyone to visit their facilities for a free session. In just 20 minutes, attendees will learn how to rest and release stress. Why guided meditation? Mullapudi explained inexperienced meditators often force positive thoughts, but resting the mind is key to successful meditation, and the trainers are key for establishing this skillset.

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“There is so much negativity that we absorb during the day. Meditation is like taking a shower for your spirit.” Mullapudi said. Mullapudi began meditating in 1977 after her 8th-grade debate teacher introduced her to the practice. In her teenage years, she grew fonder of the practice, and by her mid-twenties found it to be so beneficial to her life it became a regular activity. “Just like lifting weights makes you stronger, meditating makes your mind and heart stronger and more poised.”

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The goal of the organization is simple: give tools to the public and the methods they need to successfully meditate. Heartfulness also offers yoga sessions to the public. Through meditation, based on both personal experience and scientific evidence, the trainers within the organization promise visitors a more strengthened, centered connection to their inner self.

Heartfulness has been recognized and praised by the Dayton Police Chief, Beavercreek Mayor and even the Ohio State Senate. Local visitors have given a five-star rating to the organization on Facebook and Google.

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This Heartfulness movement of LET'S MEDITATE is lead by the leader of the Heartfulness Institute Mr.Kamlesh Patel. Visit the Heartfulness Center online and on Facebook for information on events and happenings in Dayton.

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