TRUE STORY: Daytonians share real-life events that scared the hell out of them

Credit: Photo: Shutterstock

Credit: Photo: Shutterstock

Sometimes the scariest things go bump in the night, and sometimes they whisper “mommy” in your ear.

Because it is the creepiest day of the year, I (Amelia Robinson) asked Facebook users to share the scariest thing that ever happened to them.

Some were supernatural, while others were just super scary. Here are some of our favorites.

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"The time my best friend broke into my apartment and placed a Nic Cage life-sized cardboard cut out in my apartment, so that when I got home and walked into my dark home I at first thought there was some dude in my kitchen, and then turned on the light and there WAS a dude. I SHRIEKED and then I realized it was Nic Cage and I couldn't stop shaking." — Sarah C.


"I was in an elevator that was stuck 40 floors up, it slid down seven and then stopped and we were rescued." — JoJo D.

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👻 MOM 

"I'm not at all a believer in ghosts or that stuff. But in my last house I was in the basement and I swore I heard someone whisper "mom" over my shoulder. I ran upstairs to see if my kids had called out for me and they hadn't. I heard the voice clear as day and I can't explain it. But it weirded me out for sure."  — Tanya B.

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"As a child I was told that sharks live at the bottom of pools in the grates. This of course freaked me out as a child and left a very intense impression on me because to this day, I cannot swim alone in a pool due to this fear.

If I am swimming with someone else, I have to either be a faster swimmer than them or strong enough to punch them out for the shark to catch him/her before me." —  Cory M.

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"I tend to walk around my house with the lights off. I was up at 3 a.m. getting a glass of water when I noticed the silhouette of what I assumed to be another person just facing my darkened basement, absolutely silent, not moving at all.

Reflexively, I reached out to shove the intruder into the wall, and I noticed it was just my damned flannel jacket, hanging perfectly with the arms poofed-out to make it look like a person."  — William A.


"I was robbed on Friday the 13th while working at a fast food restaurant. The three robbers has two pistols and a sawed off shotgun. One wanted to shoot me." — David G.


"Falling asleep at the wheel with the cruise control on. Woke up doing 70 in the grass with Metallica blasting in my ears." — Matt L.


"I stayed over at Angi's parents' house for a week while they were on vacation. She set me up in her parents' room the first night. 
I hadn't fallen asleep yet but my eyes were closed.

I heard the door creak open (I left it slightly ajar to let their black lab come in when he pleased).

Then I heard the dog's footsteps walk around the bed, and he sniffed at my face that was under the covers. I reached out to pet him and nothing was there.

I sat up, and there was no dog, and the door was still closed.

I slept in Angi's room on her futon for the rest of the week." — Kara B.


"I gave birth 😱. Somehow I missed that whole bit about the placenta." — Jessica. E.


"Living through two Category 5 hurricanes 12 days apart. Hiding out in the housekeeping storage room at a hotel with terrified guests as 185 mph sustained winds sounded like a train barreling up above.

Hearing a ballroom wall being sucked away."  — Kathy B.

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