Rubi Girls "The Show Must Go On"  was staged Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017.
Photo: Photo: Rubi Girls
Photo: Photo: Rubi Girls

‘What Had Happened Was’ Podcast: We talked to the Rubi Girls 

Any drag queen can throw on a wig and a pair of heels, but chances are they can’t put on a show quite like Dayton’s Rubi Girls. 

>> Three things you really ought to know about The Rubi Girls

Amelia Robinson, host of the new “What Had Happened Was” podcast, sat down with three members of the uproarious comedy drag troupe. 

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They have sharp tongues and hearts of gold, and have raised more than $1 million for a host of charitable causes over more than 30 years. 

But it is not always easy being Rubi or drag queening.

Rubi Girl members Tommy Rumpke (Taj Mahal), Jonathan McNeal (Ileasa Plymouth), and Brent Johnson (India Summer) tell us what had happened

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About the podcast:

“What Had Happened Was” is a podcast for Dayton, powered by You won't believe the stories that come from right here. Host Amelia Robinson shares the best tales from the Gem City, Land of Funk and Birthplace of Aviation: Dayton, Ohio.

Amelia Robinson of talked to Rubi Girl members Brent Johnson (India Summer), Jonathan McNeal (Ileasa Plymouth) and Tommy Rumpke (Taj Mahal) for the first episode of "The What Had Happened Was" podcast.
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"What Had Happened Was: a podcast for Dayton" is hosted by's Amelia Robinson