What Macy Janney has to say about her famous daughter’s big Oscar night

Allison Janney, the Ashley's Pastry Shop-loving star of CBS's "Mom" often speaks of her Dayton upbringing and her parents, Macy and Jervis Janney, in interviews.

“It is very exciting,” Macy Janney, an Oakwood resident, said. “We are hoping for the best for her.”  

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Macy Janney, a New York native who worked there a few years as an actress, said she strived to expose her children to the arts.

Allison Janney studied at the Dayton Ballet.

Her first role on stage was Noah Claypole in “Oliver Twist” at Miami Valley School, where she started honing her singing voice.

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“We will cheer from here,” said Macy Janney, who saw “I, Tonya” recently at the Neon movie theater in downtown Dayton.  

With wins at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes for this same role, Janney is considered the front-runner for the best supporting actress Academy Award.

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The other nominees for best supporting actress are: Mary J. Blige in “Mudbound,” Leslie Manville in “Phantom Thread,” Laurie Metcalf in “Lady Bird” and Octavia Spencer in “The Shape of Water.”

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Credit: Contributed photo

Credit: Contributed photo

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