Would you celebrate National Shut Up Day?

Here’s hoping you had the happiest of Memorial Day weekends.

While I have you in the holiday spirit, may I propose a new one before you get on with your Memorial Day hijinks?

I propose National Shut Up Day.

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If that seems too harsh, let’s go with something nicer like “National Zip It Day” or “National Do Not Say Anything Day.”

The holiday would work like this: all the yammering, chattering, blee-blabbering and gabbing would stop for the day.

You, I and everyone else in the nation would just shut the h double hockey sticks up for 24 hours.

Pretty simple, really.

I would never suggest that we give up our freedom of speech, but let's just all agree that we can give it a break for 24 hours or so.

For better or worse, it is overworked and deserves a little nap.

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All the talk we humans do no doubt exhausts the Constitution as much as it wears out the rest of us.

I can almost see it now — and I love the imagery… Patriotic red, white and blue tape across the lips of really proud Americans.

“Zip it” T-shirts would be all the rage.

It would be like the most amazing listening party the world has ever seen.

Besides, people silently eating alone or with friends and relatives could really clear out our collective sinuses.

On National Do Not Say Anything Day, we will be able to hear birds yammering, water faucets blabbering and our own internal thoughts.

Doesn’t that sound nice.

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Why stop with not talking on National Do Not Say Anything Day?

Real hardcore American patriots like us will also refrain from talking with our fingers that day as well.

This means no sharing of opinions on social media or via text either.

The cool will save it for the next day.

The super cool will consider if it is worth saying or otherwise expressing in the first place.

The super, super cool will listen more than they talk.

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