Fourth-grader makes video for classmates to describe his life with autism

A 9-year-old North Carolina boy’s message to his classmates about autism is making a bigger impact on the internet.

Lisa Jolley shared her 9-year-old son George's video on YouTube, where he describes his life, KTRK reported. The video was made for his 21 fourth-grade classmates in Raleigh so the students could get a better understanding of George's autism.

In the six-minute video, George describes his favorite things, including “Harry Potter” and tacos. He says that sometimes his reactions are not the same as his fellow classmates, and he describes how they can communicate with him better, KTRK reported.

“This is just his own experience, and should not be taken as a blanket explanation of autism,” Lisa Jolley wrote.

The video has had more than 22,400 views on YouTube. Lisa Jolley, an  adjunct instructor of voice at William Peace University in Raleigh and an teacher at the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory, posted on Facebook on Monday that while teaching for an hour, her phone “was blowing up” with positive reactions to the video.

And here it is. Finally. This is the video George showed to his class, communicating how his brain works. Please share...

Posted by Lisa Jolley on Monday, November 27, 2017

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