Burger King unveils $5-a-month coffee ‘subscription’ that can save big money

Customers who sign up through BK app can score a cup of coffee every day for flat monthly fee

Burger King restaurants have brewed up a deal that can save coffee drinkers some significant cash.

Users of the BK app can sign up for the "BK Café Coffee subscription" for $5 per month, and then score one small cup of brewed coffee anytime every day at participating restaurants.

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Specialty, iced, frappé and other coffee beverages are NOT included in the Coffee Subscription Program. The offer is limited to one cup per day,  is not offered on delivered orders, and does not accumulate on days when not used.

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The foodie web site foodandwine.com crunched the numbers, and here's how it described the deal: "Considering that a small cup of BK Café coffee goes for a dollar, spending only $60 on (up to) 365 cups of coffee is a pretty remarkable savings of nearly 85 percent or the equivalent of only spending about 16 cents per cup which is a price most people probably haven't seen in a few decades."

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In its news release, Burger King wasn't shy about making price comparisons with one national competitor. "For the price of a large cappuccino from Starbucks, you can have a BK Café brewed coffee every day for a month," Burger King officials wrote.

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The deal is available only through the BK mobile app at participating restaurants. This news outlet checked with the franchisee that operates most (but not all) of the Burger King restaurants in the Dayton area, and a spokesman confirmed that its 15 locations across the Miami  Valley are, indeed, participating in the coffee subscription promotion. A full list of participating restaurants is available on BK.com.

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