Family searching for kind stranger who helped them through ‘worst nightmare’

A Facebook post about the unidentified woman who helped family after crash has been shared more than 1,600 times.

The search is on for the pretty blonde woman with a pixie-style haircut who a local family says was their angel following a traumatic weather-related crash earlier this week.

"I want to meet this lady. I want to  give her flowers, and I want to give her blankets back. And I want my granddaughters to say 'thank you,'" Kelly Middlestetter of Brookville said. "This lady was just amazing."

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Middlestetter's daughter and granddaughters were involved in a crash on Monday morning, Feb. 11.

Ali Sowers — Middlestetter's daughter — was driving near the intersection of Montgomery County Line and Range Line roads (Diamond Mill Road) when she lost control of her vehicle on black ice, according to authorities.

Her boyfriend, Ben Chapman, was in the passenger seat. Her daughters, 13-year-old Stella Sowers and 12-year-old Skylar Martin, were in the back seat. 

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

In what Ali Sowers, a West Milton resident, described as harrowing, the red Jeep flipped and slid on its top before coming to a rest on the driver’s side in a ditch.

Before emergency crews arrived, an unidentified blonde woman was among those who stopped to help the family.

The unidentified woman gave blankets to Sowers and her daughters and offered water to Chapman, a Centerville resident. She also comforted the children.

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Miami County Sheriff's Sgt. Chris Bobb said deputies and Union Twp. medics were called to the scene at about 8:26 a.m.

Banged up, Ali Sowers had to be pulled from the vehicle. She was transported to the hospital.

“It’s just remarkable when it is happening,” she recalled. “It was so fast and so slow at the same time. There is nothing you can do.”

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Bobb said no one was cited in the crash attributed to the weather conditions.

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

Sowers is now recovering at home from deep bruises.

She told us she wasn’t sure how her children got out of the car, but she does remember the compassion the good Samaritan showed them.

A Facebook post about the kind stranger has been shared more than 1,600 times on Middlestetter’s Facebook page.

Sowers said the woman is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and had a pixie-style haircut.

“I would love to meet that lady,” Sowers said. “She was so wonderful. She was so nice.”

Covered in mud and shaken, but not seriously injured, Stella and Skylar went to their grandmother’s house after the accident.

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They recounted the woman’s good deeds.

“I said ‘girls, it is a grandma’s worst nightmare,’” Middlestetter recalled. “Thank God the good lord was looking after them.”

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

A mother and grandmother of three, Middlestetter said the unidentified woman played the role of angel before leaving the scene.

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“She was holding them and talking to them, then police wanted to interview them,” she said. “(The girls said) she was very pretty and had a good outfit on.”

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

Credit: Ali Sowers

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