New distillery in the works in Dayton

Hall Brothers Distillery seeks to make ‘the highest-quality American whiskey possible’

A new distillery in the works in Dayton has set a lofty goal for itself: “to manufacture and sell the highest-quality American whiskey possible.”

That’s how the founder of Hall Brothers Distillery describe the purpose of their business that, if all goes as planned, will be located in the 3700 block of Inpark Circle of Dayton.

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The distillery is in its early development stage. Kyle Hall, founder of Hall Brothers Distillery, applied to the Ohio Division of Liquor Control yesterday, on May 16, for the necessary license to begin making spirits.

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The corporate entity that will operate the business, Hall Brothers Distillery LLC, was registered with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office two weeks ago, on May 3. It was in those registration records that Hall listed the purpose of the venture as making the “highest quality American whiskey possible.”

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Hall shared his vision for the new distillery with this news outlet this morning:

“Hall Brothers Distillery aims to become a small, family owned distillery. We will produce small, single batch, single barrel, pot distilled, American Whiskey,” Hall said in an email. “By using fresh local grains, and clean natural water, the expected results will be that of the fine whiskey that has been produced here since before the 1800s.”

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“By maintaining small batch sizes and individual barrel bottling, Hall Brothers Whiskey will continue to offer an evolution of taste as the years go by. Like wines, I expect the flavors of my whiskey to change from year to year with repeated barrel use and ever-changing Ohio weather patterns.”

“I believe the business can offer our local market a home-grown whiskey they can be proud of.”

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