Centerville mayor pays off bet with Kettering in the most delicious way possible

Kettering Fairmont High School dominated this year’s Spirit Chain Challenge with Centerville High School, resulting in a sweet prize for Kettering’s City Council.

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Kettering students raised $85,000 as part of the annual charitable fundraiser, while Centerville students set a new school record by collecting $63,519.52, according to a city of Centervile's Facebook post.

The money will be donated to Brigid’s Path, which cares for newborns withdrawing from pre-birth exposure to narcotics, and Oak Tree Corner, a center for grieving children, according to the post.

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Council members from both cities agreed to a friendly contest that whichever high school raised the most, the trailing community’s mayor must deliver a dozen donuts to the winning community’s council.

Earlier this week, Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton delivered a dozen black and gold Bill’s Donuts to Kettering Mayor Don Patterson.

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The fundraising tradition at the two schools has resulted in more than $2 million being donated to charities, according to the post.

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