Middletown radio station bought by Kentucky broadcasting company

WNKU studios in Highland Heights, Ky. (WCPO)
WNKU studios in Highland Heights, Ky. (WCPO)

A broadcasting company from Northern Kentucky has purchased Middletown’s WNKN 105.9 radio station from Northern Kentucky University.

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Grant County Broadcasters Inc., which owns WNKR-FM, in Northern Kentucky, made public its purchase of WNKN from Northern Kentucky University (NKU) at a price of $5.3 million.

NKU’s Board of Regents made the sale official by approving the transaction on July 19.

General Manager and CEO of Grant County Broadcasters, Jeff Ziesman said in a statement the the company plans to leave operations running at the local level.

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“Our goal is to provide stable, high quality, locally produced programming to the greatest number of listeners in the WNKN coverage area,” he said. “That means local ownership, a locally produced format, local jobs and, as a commercial operation, local taxes.”

The Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents approved the agreement on July 19 and issued the following statement regarding the sale:

NKU’s Board of Regents added in a statement that “Grant County Broadcasters is committed to local programming. We feel this is the best outcome for the local community and WNKN-FM Middletown listeners. This now concludes the sale of all three stations: WNKU-FM, WNKE-FM and WNKN-FM.”

WNKN, which had operated as WFPB, was bought in 2011 by NKU in 2011, along with Portsmouth station WNKE. NKU sold its 89.7 signal and WPAY in February to a religious broadcaster for $1.9 million.