BEER NEWS: Centerville-area brewery to celebrate 3rd anniversary with a triple IPA this weekend

The family-owned Centerville-area craft brewery Heavier Than Air Brewing Co. will celebrate the third anniversary of its opening this Saturday, Sept. 26 with the release of a special triple IPA.

“We’ll let as many people in as we can at noon, and we’ll close at 10 p.m. or thereabouts,” Heavier Than Air co-founder Nick Tarkany Sr. said of the anniversary celebration. The craft brewery is located at 497 Miamisburg-Centerville Road in the Normandy Square Shopping Center in Washington Twp.

The brewery was founded by Nick Tarkany Sr. and his brother Chris Tarkany. Nick’s sons — Nick Tarkany Jr., who recently moved back to the Dayton area from New York and has been assisting at the brewery and tasting room, and Ben Tarkany, who helps to create beer recipes, including the triple IPA anniversary brew, from his home in Portland, Oregon — are also involved in the family-run brewery.

The special anniversary triple IPA “is in carbonation now,” Nick Sr. said. The beer will clock in at a robust 11.6 percent alcohol with 80 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), Tarkany said. But the beer’s significant grain/malt bill will offer a slightly sweet initial impression before the bittering hops kick in for an IPA finish, he said.

Tarkany said the brewery’s tasting room, which has a listed occupancy of 80, can hold only about 24 under current COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions, which he described as “very painful” to the brewery’s business. Fire-lane restrictions and other regulations have blocked efforts to add outside seating, the brewery’s co-founder said.

Despite the pandemic-related obstacles, the founders of Heavier Than Air Brewing are proud to celebrate a milestone birthday.

“Three years into it, there’s a lot more involved than many people can imagine,” Tarkany said. “There is a continual process of improvement.”

Heavier Than Air has kept the focus solely on the beer, Tarkany said. The brewery encourages customers to bring in food from nearby restaurants.

And the brewery’s owners are grateful for its loyal customers. “I would like to thank our patrons who have helped us along this difficult time,” Tarkany said.

For more information, check out the Heavier Than Air Brewing Co Facebook page.

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