Agave & Rye releases new winter menu with Cheetos-inspired items

Credit: Andrew Matre

Credit: Andrew Matre

Agave & Rye has released its newest menu featuring several epic food options sure to turn heads.

Customers can now order Flaming Hot Cheetos Coconut Shrimp, Cheetos Fire Chicken Sammy, Cheesy Taquitos, and the Epic Crunch Burger Wrap along with several new tacos and much more. Two epic tacos now available include The Empress Gi featuring Mongolian carne asada, sticky rice, red chili Mongolian sauce, crispy carrots and shaved green onions or The Spicy Kitty featuring Flaming Hot Cheetos coconut shrimp, sticky rice, agave bbq, mango habanero puree, pineapple salsa and cilantro.

Credit: Andrew Matre

Credit: Andrew Matre

Chris Britt, COO of Agave & Rye, said they do not have a set schedule of when their menu changes, but are always doing research and testing potential items. Customers can expect the menu to change roughly every three to four months.

“Agave & Rye operates on a founder’s mindset,” Britt said. “Potential new items are curated by our owner. In a collaborative team effort led by our Creative Chef Rob Harrison, we go through a testing and tasting phase to get feedback from our culinary teams and store leadership.”

He added each potential new menu item is judged on its ability to execute brand standards, ensuring all new menu items can be consistently epic.

“It takes a lot of time, thought, energy and effort, but in the end, it’s rewarding for our teams to see guests falling in love with our food,” Britt said.

He also shared his go-to favorite items are: The Rooster, an epic taco with house mac n cheese, fried chicken, Nashville hot sauce and sweet pickles; Cheesy Taquitos; and the Grilled Birria Burrito, (consisting of) slow-braised beef, Mexican rice, Oaxaca cheese, queso, sweet & spicy bacon, chipotle crema and consommé for dipping.

“Agave & Rye is an escape,” Britt said. “We want our guests to know they can enjoy time with friends and family in an upbeat environment where their true authentic selves will be embraced by all. What better way to celebrate than with some good food and drinks, friends and family and smiles all around.”

Agave & Rye has two locations in the Dayton region at 2 N. Market Street in Troy and 7125 Fountain View Drive in Liberty Township, but there are two more on the way.

The restaurant has plans to open a new location at 11 N. Main Street in Centerville. Britt said that location is tentatively projected to open in the second quarter of 2023. They are also planning to open a new location in Hamilton at the intersection of Main Street and South East Street, where the former Ritzi’s Service Station resided. Britt said they are currently in conversations with the developers in regards to Hamilton’s opening date.

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