Business partners create website promoting Dayton music, events, venues



Business partners Eric Bluebaum and Brian Johnson have created, a new entertainment website focusing on promoting live music, events and venues in Dayton.

“I was inspired to start Party Wizard while being on tour and living in other cities, seeing how their music scenes operated and the promotion tactics they used,” said Bluebaum, in a release. “Party Wizard is the sum of years of loving the music scene and wanting to know about everything that’s happening in it.”

Bluebaum and Johnson noted they expanded on their vision of being a part of the local music scene and the small business community associated with local entertainment.

“I think it’s critical to be a productive member of our local arts movement and this site just works to strengthen that scene through marketing support for artists and venues,” Johnson said. “Party Wizard is a love letter to the Dayton music scene. We’re avid champions for our local scene and want to see it thrive,” Bluebaum added.

For more information, visit or contact the developers at

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