Cheeky Meat Pies at 2nd Street Market plans to close at end of year

Cheeky Meat Pies at 2nd Street Market is planning to close at the end of the year, according to a post on the vendor’s Facebook page.

“We have decided, after long deliberation, that we are closing at the end of the year,” the post said. “We are currently looking for a buyer.”

Cheeky Meat Pies plans to sell hot and frozen pies through Sunday, Dec. 11 and return Friday, Dec. 23 to sell the remaining frozen pies, the post said.

The vendor specializes in New Zealand/Australian cuisine including steak and cheese pies, steak and mushroom pies, mince and cheese pies, chicken and mushroom pies, a variety of other combinations of meat pies, side dishes and more.

“We have loved doing this for so many years but it’s time for us to move on,” the post said. “We wish you all well and thank you for supporting us.”

2nd Street Market and the vendor’s customers responded with sadness on Facebook.

“We’ll be sad to see the current owners of Cheeky Meat Pies leave the Market, but we’re excited for them as they pursue exciting future endeavors,” 2nd street Market said in a Facebook post. “Please join us in wishing them well!”

Kathryn Wright Poturalski wrote, “Great pies. Hope you find a buyer.”

“Sad to hear, I love your meat pies,” Paul Benzinger said. “I started a low carb diet back in (M)ay so I haven’t been able to enjoy them the last six months. Sounds like I need a “cheat day.””

2nd Street Market advises anyone interested in buying the business to message the vendor directly. has reached out to the owner for additional comments.

For more information about Cheeky Meat Pies, visit or the vendor’s Facebook page.

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