Downtown brewery celebrating ‘10 Beers for 10 Years’

A year-long celebration is planned to celebrate a decade of Lock 27 Brewing in downtown Dayton.

Beginning March 10 and continuing on the 10th of each month, Lock 27, located at 329 E 1st St. in Dayton, will re-release a “celebrated beer” from the Lock 27 vault and add it to the brewery’s tap. The re-released brews were made by Lock 27 at some point over the past decade but were eventually retired — until now.

“It was fun digging through our beer logs and re-discovering some of our favorite brews,” said Steve Barnhart, founder and chief brewing officer at Lock 27 Brewing. “It was hard to pick the 10 beers that best represent our brewing history, but we’ve narrowed it down to a selection our guests will love and bring back memories with some who have been coming to our Brewpubs for years. It has been an incredible 10 years growing Lock 27 Brewing into what it is today.”

Some beers being re-released were fan favorites for a particular period of time while others were unique experiments that resulted in some very tasty flavor profiles, according to a Lock 27 release.

In coordination with the re-releases, customers can earn a chance to win limited edition anniversary prizes.

With their first 10th anniversary beer purchase, customers will be offered a stamp card that they can fill up with stamps for each anniversary beer purchased. The more stamps collected, the bigger the prize.

“We’re going to have a fun year looking back on our celebrated history in Dayton but will also be looking ahead to make the next 10 years even better,” said LeAnna Galyk, director of marketing for Lock 27 Brewing. “We are always in pursuit of trying new and different things, as we’ve consistently done over the past 10 years. We’ve been on quite the ride so far, but we’re ready to blow the next 10 years out of the water and show Dayton what we’re really capable of.”

The re-released beer will be available at both the Dayton and Centerville Brewpubs. Centerville’s Lock 27 is located at 1035 S Main St.

To stay up to date with the month’s upcoming anniversary re-release, follow Lock 27 on Facebook.

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