Downtown Dayton chef to open hot dog cart in March

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Chef Ashley Ashbrook of Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District is opening a hot dog cart in March in downtown Dayton with plans to travel to different events.

The hot dog cart, named Blind Dogs, will feature quarter pound all beef hot dogs and quarter pound King Kold Meats’ sausages with a variety of toppings, Ashbrook explained. He said he will have cheese, chili, onions, sauerkraut, sautéed peppers, pickled jalapenos, banana peppers, different kinds of mustard and more.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

“I plan to have a specialty dog at every set up,” Ashbrook added.

Some of his specialty hot dogs are inspired by his friends that work in the Oregon District. He described a hot dog with cream cheese, everything bagel seasoning and pickled red onions for Mike Cooley of Omega Music or a ghost pepper apricot sausage with Mikesell’s Good ‘N Hot chips, cheese sauce, mustard, onions and jalapeno relish for the band The Raging Nathans and the co-owner of Check Your Head, Josh Goldman.

“I have sheets and sheets of all these wacky dogs,” Ashbrook said.

He told he helped open Blind Bob’s in 2008 at age 25. After four years, he went on to work at a few other restaurants in addition to two other jobs outside of the restaurant industry. He said he returned to Blind Bob’s in 2021.

“There’s been a part in the back of my mind like I’m going to do this until I figure out what my next adventure is,” Ashbrook said. “I’m not 40 yet. This is the time to do something.”

As Ashbrook plans to get the cart up and running by the beginning of March, he said he will be stepping away from his daily chef duties as Blind Bob’s. He added he will still be a part of Blind Bob’s in some way but not as a full-time chef.

Blind Dogs is expected to set up in the Oregon District on Fridays and Saturdays in addition to special events. He said customers will also be able to find him at Toxic Brew Company, Yellow Cab Tavern events and possibly other local businesses.

“I’m just looking forward to meeting new people,” Ashbrook said. “I’ve always been back in the kitchen but I’m a pretty outgoing person.”

Ashbrook said it feels amazing to have this opportunity and he really appreciates the support from the community and his wife, Tracy. He said his wife is a travel nurse and was instrumental in him being able to embark on this new adventure.

This year Ashbrook said he hopes to branch out and do more catering with his hot dog cart. He also hopes to have a full-size trailer by next year.

For more information about Blind Dogs or to inquire about booking the hot dog cart for an event, visit

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