Father’s Day: Share memories of your father that bring you joy

We’re calling all members of the community who have beautiful memories of their fathers to share!

At Dayton.com and DaytonDailyNews.com, we would love to hear your stories of all the great times you’ve had with your dad as Father’s Day approaches June 19.

Can you recall a special time your dad was there for you when you needed himmost? Did he cry when he walked you down the aisle? Or perhaps he helped you practice every day until you made the team in high school. Maybe you’d just like to share how your father demonstrates what makes a great dad. The possibilities of what makes someone a great father from humor to heart is endless.

If you are interested in sharing a memorable story about your father or a father figure, please send email to joi.dean@coxinc.com. We may use your story in a Father’s Day tribute.

The email should include your name and best way to contact you, the name of your dad or the father-figure you are writing about , a jpeg. photo (one of you and your dad together would be great, but not required) and a short summary of your memorable story of your dad by 3 p.m. Friday, June 10.

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