‘Jeopardy!’ Notebook: On Day 34, Dayton native keeps winning streak alive



Dayton native Amy Schneider, the third longest-running contestant in “Jeopardy!” history, kept her streak alive Jan. 17 earning a 34-day total of $1,148,600.

“She’s been doing an awful lot of winning around here,” said host Ken Jennings at the outset.

In the interview segment, the Chaminade-Julienne graduate reflected on her love of sports, particularly noting a few major sporting events she attended in-person.

“I went to the Atlanta Olympics, a day at the U.S. Open, which I think is maybe the best value in a live sporting event with a Grounds Pass there, but I think my best experience was a World Cup qualifying game with the U.S. and Mexico, the very first Dos a Cero game,” she said. “It was intense. People were standing up the whole game and just so into it and it was really a lot of fun.”

At the end of Double Jeopardy!, Schneider led with a whopping $26,800, a $19,000 lead over her nearest competitor.

In Final Jeopardy!, the clue in the category of Scientific Names: “The 1905 paper that gave this its name also referred to it as ‘Dynamosaurus Imperiosus.’” Schneider correctly answered Tyrannosaurus Rex. She wagered $10,000, raising her total to $36,800 for the episode.

She can be seen on “Jeopardy!” weeknights at 7:30 p.m. on WDTN Channel 2.

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