How to win a painting from Fiona the Hippo by eating chocolate



The most popular and beloved hippo in the state, and most likely, the U.S., is getting ready for a milestone birthday.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden resident and celebrity hippo, Fiona, will celebrate her fifth birthday on Jan. 24. Ahead of the big day, Cincinnati Zoo and Graeter’s Ice Cream is celebrating early with Fiona Birthday Chocolate Bars.

While supplies last, 7,500 Graeter’s Fiona chocolate bars will be sold for $5 each at Graeter’s scoop shops. Five of the chocolate bars will have a special golden ticket inside the wrapper, which can be redeemed for a free “nose painting” created by Fiona herself.

The Fiona candy bars also offer a buy-one-get-one-free Graeter’s ice cream cone coupon as well as $2 off zoo tickets (up to six tickets), according to the zoo’s website.

Candy bars already are sold-out online. However, they can still be found in select Graeter’s scoop shops in limited numbers.

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