Yellow Springs restaurant sold to local restauranteur

The Greene Canteen in Yellow Springs has been sold to a local restauranteur as the current owners have decided to close their doors at the end of this month, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“We’ve decided to sell The Greene Canteen so we can focus on our personal health and happiness,” the post said. “Local restauranteur, Miguel Espinosa, has purchased The Greene Canteen. While his vision will be a little different, you will see some similar menu items and familiar faces. Miguel intends to keep all team members of The Greene Canteen.”

The last day of operation for The Greene Canteen will be Thursday, June 30. The post said they are planning to expand their hours the next couple of weeks to make sure they are able to see as many “friendly faces” as possible before their final goodbye.

The cafe-style restaurant, located at 134 Dayton Street, focused on “clean foods” such as salads, juices and smoothies, along with a sandwich menu and baked goods.

Brittany and Tim Baum opened the restaurant in April 2019 because they felt that there was a need for clean foods and drinks in the village. The Baums also own Brezel, a Bavarian pretzel company with locations in Columbus and Cincinnati.

The owners said in the post that their lives have felt much like farmers in the fact they planted a seed with no guarantee, planned for the unexpected and troubleshooted challenges.

“Our lives have felt much like that. We’ve built a beautiful space, made all the necessary upgrades to make the space function, crafted an evolving menu based off customers’ desires, and hired and trained a team,” the post said.

One thing they did not plan for was the coronavirus pandemic.

The post said since 2020 they have built and rebuilt the business several times. This included losing supplies, facing shortages and dealing with price increases.

“After reflecting over a very long winter, we realized that this ‘new normal’ is not sustainable for us,” the post said. “We were so busy focusing on the health & wellness of our businesses, employees and customers, that we neglected our own personal health (pretty ironic when you consider the intention of The Greene Canteen).”

The owners added they wanted to thank their customers and community for the continued support over the last couple of years.

“Thank you for all your support - without you, we wouldn’t be here today. Life takes you on some interesting paths. I can’t wait to see what happens next,” the post said.

For more information about expanded hours and retail sales, visit The Greene Canteen’s Facebook page.

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