Lock 27 Brewing announces changes in operations at Centerville, Dayton locations

Lock 27 Brewing is announcing changes in operations at its Centerville and Dayton locations.

The Centerville space, located at 1035 S. Main Street, will now be known as Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant. The restaurant will focus on food and cocktails. The Dayton space, located at 329 E. First Street, will move forward as Lock 27 Brewing Taproom, emphasizing craft beer service.

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Credit: Submitted Photo

Lock 27 has decided to put different operating models and organizational structures in place to meet the needs best suited to the business and customers in each area.

The restaurant will feature weekly food specials, cocktail specials and Burger of the Week specials as well as a brand-new menu launching in the fall. Some fan-favorite dishes may also make appearances back on the menu or as weekly special offerings.

“We’re focused on getting the Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant back to our roots in developing wonderful food and beverages for our guests,” said Jennifer Dietrich, executive general manager of Lock 27 Brewing Restaurant. “We have been fortunate to work with several culinary experts over the years, so we’re taking that knowledge and creating new and original food offerings catered to the liking of our loyal guests in Centerville.”

The Centerville space, opened in 2013, was Lock 27’s first location. Organizers said they recognized their customers loved their food as much as their beer and wanted to make sure their original location did not lose what made it special in the first place.

“We’re excited to create a new and revitalized restaurant experience that our guests can rave about,” Dietrich said.

The Dayton space, opened in 2017, is the main hub for all the brewing activities.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

“Beer is always our first priority and the core of what we do at Lock 27 Brewing,” said Steve Barnhart, founder of Lock 27 Brewing. “This new direction of a beer-focused taproom invites everyone across the Miami Valley and further into our space to learn more about us, our beer, and why it is so important to us.”

The taproom will make changes over the coming months to make food service and offerings simpler and more streamlined. The brew team will soon announce unique, outside-the-box brews as well as special collaborations and brewery experiences.

Barnhart added, “Our goal is for everyone to leave with a fantastic and memorable brewery experience and continue to grow in that spirit across the state and beyond.”

Regardless of these new differences in operations, Lock 27 said it will strive “to provide their guests with the best products made with intention, inventiveness, and integrity, served with consistency and quality as the top priority.”

Lock 27 has created a separate social media account for the restaurant. For more information, follow @Lock27Centerville on Instagram and Facebook. The brewery’s current page on Instagram and Facebook, @Lock27Brewing, will have the latest updates for the taproom.

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

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