New cigar lounge coming to Dayton’s Wright Dunbar business district

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Wright Dunbar Cigar Shoppe & Lounge is coming soon to West Dayton at 1153 W. Third St.

“Our aim is to forge a sophisticated, upscale environment that stands out in the market, delivering a cigar lounge experience that is unmatched in the Miami Valley,” said Jeff Jackson, co-founder of the cigar lounge and one of the driving forces behind Planned2Give.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

According to a news release, the cigar lounge will span 4,000-square-feet across two floors offering a curated collection of premium cigars. Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned connoisseur, the business will have something for every palate.

There will also be an outdoor space dubbed “The Cigarden.”

“At Wright Dunbar Cigars, we’re cultivating a space that offers more than just cigars,” said Dallas Webster, co-founder of the cigar lounge and a retired IT project manager. “It’s a lifestyle, a nexus of connections and a vibrant community. I envision a lounge as an inviting haven where exceptional products, exquisite events and unparalleled customer service are set to become the defining traits.”

Wright Dunbar Cigar Shoppe & Lounge is one of two businesses on the corner of Third and Broadway Streets with plans to open in the second quarter of 2024.

XO Burger Vibez + Cocktails, located next door at 1171 W. Third St., is a new restaurant in the works by Anthony Thomas, founder of Taco Street Co. XO Burger is expected to specialize in gourmet burgers and have a speakeasy in its basement.

Both businesses are part of the Cornerstone Project, being developed by Dillin Corp. and constructed by Greater Dayton Construction Group.

“Our company tag line has always closed with ‘bringing communities to life,’” said Larry Dillin, president of Dillin Corp. “And with the help of people like Jeff and Dallas and Anthony and their vision to continue to raise the bar for services offered in West Dayton, we are bringing this community to life in an elevated fashion that feels exciting and sustainable. This is a project and a neighborhood we should all be proud of.”

For more information, visit the lounge’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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