Psychedelic Furs, coming to the Rose, tours on first album in 29 years



After 29 years without an album, the members of the Psychedelic Furs were poised for a big return in 2020. While the global pandemic slightly altered release plans, it didn’t stop the group, which performs with X at Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Wednesday, July 6.

“Made of Rain” (Cooking Vinyl), the Psychedelic Furs’ eighth studio album, was received enthusiastically by fans and critics upon its release in July 2020. It is the band’s first album since 1991′s “World Outside,” but it’s no mere vanity project. Rather than try to recreate iconic singles like “Pretty in Pink,” “Love My Way” and “The Ghost in You,” the musicians focused on good songs. The result is a contemporary album that is still rooted in the classic Psychedelic Furs sound, partly due to the distinctive vocals of Richard Butler.

The singer and his bass playing brother, Tim, co-founded the Psychedelic Furs in London in February 1977. The siblings fused their love for the Velvet Underground, David Bowie and Roxy Music with the energy and attitude of England’s emerging punk scene. The group went on to score hits in Britain, the United States and beyond, and also inspired generations of rock acts from the Strokes to the Killers.

Tim Butler, who has lived in the United States since 1982, relocated from New Jersey to Kentucky in 2007. He recently discussed the album, creative uncertainty, the current tour and the future of the re-energized Psychedelic Furs, which took a brief hiatus from 1993 to 1999.



Q: “Made Of Rain” was in the works for a long time. What took so long?

A: When we first got back together, we were planning on doing an album, but we were a bit gun shy about whether it would stand up to our past material. We finally got a bunch of songs we thought were really good. Most of the album came together within six months of our actually recording it. When we went in to record, the songs were still really fresh to us. We didn’t overwork them. We did two or three takes and we’d have the backing tracks. That’s why it sounds fresh and exciting as opposed to us being in a studio for six months and overworking the songs.

Q: As you were finally ready to release the album, the pandemic hit. How did that feel?

A: It was a real disappointment to us that we couldn’t get out and promote it or play it to the audience. The whole thing is, when you bring out an album, you tour to promote it, but we didn’t get that chance. After 30 years of no new music, we were really excited to play it for people. We finally got a chance to tour it a year-and-a-half after the album had come out. That was a bit of a shame, but it couldn’t be helped.

Q: Did you consider holding the album until you could tour?

A: It was actually delayed once but COVID was still raging, and we didn’t want to delay it again. It probably wouldn’t have been received in the same way the longer it was from recording. We were lucky when it came out because we got pretty great if not rave reviews for it. Since we had gotten back together, we worried about how it would be received and if it would be favorably compared to our past work. When it came out and the positive reviews started coming out, we were blown away. It proved to us we still have what it takes to come up with an album’s worth of great songs.

Q: What has it felt like to play fresh material for fans?

A: It’s phenomenal. The biggest high you can get is being on stage and playing songs that are up to 40 years old and the audience is singing along and dancing. To add to that mix, the fact you’re finally giving them critically well-received new songs feels great. There are a lot of people that have been waiting for that for 30 years, which makes it that much more exciting.



Q: Are you guys already writing songs for a new album?

A: Yeah, we are. It’s not going to be 30 years between albums.

Q: Because “Made of Rain” was so well-received, are you more confident about this new material?

A: The trouble is, when you get a whole bunch of great reviews for an album, you’re worried about whether the next one will be received as well as the past albums. That always happens when you’re writing music. The worry is still there, whether it’s getting the praise or the panic.

Q: It seems like you guys are on a roll. Is there any reason to stop the Psych Furs train again?

A: No, at the moment, we’re on a high. We’re really enjoying touring. When we got back together, we were enjoying touring and doing the old songs. Now that we’re touring with a whole bunch of new songs and introducing them live to a lot of people for the first time, that makes it extra fun and exciting.

Q: What makes X a good fit for a night with the Furs?

A: We did a tour with them probably three years ago, mainly on the West Coast, and that was fun. They’re a cool bunch of guys and girls. Even though it’s very different music, it makes a good day of music for the audience. Our audience gets introduced to them, in case they haven’t heard them, and (vice versa), so it’s mutually beneficial. Plus, it’s fun for the audience.

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Who: The Psychedelic Furs with special guests X

Where: Rose Music Center, 6800 Executive Blvd., Huber Heights

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 6. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Cost: $23.50, $33, $38, $43, $53

More info: 513-232-6220 or

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