Reflections of Frisch’s Big Boy in Moraine: ‘It will be deeply missed’

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Earlier this week, we reported on the closure of Frisch’s Big Boy at 4830 S. Dixie Drive in Moraine. We also asked readers to share their favorite memories of visiting the restaurant.

According to a previous report, Frisch’s had been a fixture in the Moraine community since at least 1964. From meeting for the first time to sharing milestone meals, Dayton area residents say this location will be missed.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

🍔 Brittany Cornette of Moraine wrote, “As a child my parents would take us to Frisch’s almost every Friday for dinner. In remembrance of my mom, who passed away in 2016, we would go to this location and eat dinner.”

🍔 David Cox of Dayton said this was where his parents met about 60 years ago.

“It will be deeply missed,” he said.

🍔 Willis Blackshear Jr. of Dayton wrote, “Frisch’s was the go-to spot after Wednesday night Bible Study with my grandparents. I remember always getting a Big Boy with fries, and a hot fudge cake to top it off.”

“It will truly be missed,” he added. “It feels like a piece of my childhood is gone.”

🍔 Larry Lamb of Oakwood said when he was in elementary school in the mid-’60s he and another student, Paula, were chosen to appear as guests on a local TV show called “We Found” that was taped on a weeknight and shown the following Saturday on TV2.

He said the host, Nina DiPasquale, picked them up and drove them to the station to tape the show. After the taping, she would treat them to a Big Boy platter.

“We must have been pretty good as TV stars, because we were invited back to appear for at least one more week (maybe more), and each time after taping, we stopped at Frisch’s,” Lamb said. “I remember meeting such TV icons as Ed Hamlin and Omar Williams while we were at the station, and it was pretty cool being on TV when we were 10 years old. But my favorite part was sitting at a table at Frisch’s afterwards with Nina and Paula, chowing down on a Big Boy. Great memories!”

🍔 Cynthia Howard of Moraine recalled after she returned home from chemo treatments at Ohio State University, she had a huge craving for a Frisch’s fish sandwich with tarter sauce.

“Sadly I couldn’t eat very well because of that chemo, but I remember how good and simple of a pleasure that was,” Howard said. “My husband made me believe (as we were eating there that day) that I was going to be ok! And here I still am!”

🍔 Vern Campbell of Miamisburg said he graduated from West Carrollton in 1964 and Frisch’s was there at least a few years earlier.

“It very quickly became a teen favorite for food, hanging out and cruising ‘60s style,” he wrote. “My future wife (Sandy) and I had our first official date there.”

🍔 Karen Moyer of Laguna Niguel, California said her favorite memory was cruising Frisch’s from 1965 to 1967 with her Miamisburg High School classmates.

“Best place to hang out and see some great cars,” Moyer said.

🍔 Roger Rinehart of Dayton wrote, “I used to go there from time to time and spend my newspaper route money on a Coke and some fries or onion rings, sometimes a piece of strawberry or chocolate cream pie. That was at least 1958-59.”

🍔 Roxanne Malchow of Prairieville, Louisiana said when she would come home and visit family in the Dayton area they would take her to dinner at this location.

“I have a lot of good memories and had a lot of good laughs at this location,” she said. “It will be missed.”

🍔 Linda Finch of Cincinnati said she remembers placing her order through a microphone from her parking spot and getting her food delivered on an aluminum tray that stuck on the driver’s door.

“My family always ate out every Friday and it seems as if I remember this Frisch’s prior to 1964,” Finch said. “We rotated restaurants every Friday between Hasty Tasty, Parkmoor’s and Frisch’s. We would visit this Frisch’s especially after shopping at Fames which was mid-block, across the street.”

If you would like to share your favorite memory of visiting the Frisch’s Big Boy in Moraine, fill out the questionnaire below.

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