Sweet Tooth: New dessert-only café to offer handmade crepes and more



A local woman with a major sweet tooth is daring to open a dessert destination directly next to a dentist office — though she insists the dentist has been a welcoming neighbor.

“(The dentist’s patients) ask all the time, ‘Did you guys plan this?’ And (I’m) like, ‘No, not at all,’” said Rana Shalash, founder and co-owner of Sweet Tooth. “I’ve met them all, (including some) sweet ladies. (The ladies and I) agreed once I open, they’ll come in here in their scrubs and take a picture in front of my mural because I have this big mural inside that has a big tooth character with chocolate dripping.”

Sweet Tooth will open its doors for the first time Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 75 N. Main St. in Springboro. Shalash has long dreamt of owning a one-stop-shop for kindred sweet tooth-ers like herself.

“Growing up, I remember my dad would have these convenience stores in Chicago and he’d always bring back a big bag of candy,” Shalash said. “And, I mean, it just explains all the cavities that I’ve always had. So, I love anything desserts and chocolates — anything sweets.”



Sweet Tooth will offer fondue platters with an assortment of fruit and sweets for dipping, gelato, handmade crepes and waffles, a massive, rotating chocolate block that can be shaved for chocolate toppings, milkshakes and more.

Shalash, a Springboro resident, was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Cincinnati after getting married in 2008. In 2011, her family moved to Miamisburg, and in 2013, to Springboro.

Last December, Shalash took the first step towards her vision and started an online business from her home called Oh Lolli. Still a side hustle, Shalash sold chocolate lollipops, cocoa bombs, breakable chocolate hearts and more.

“I started that and then that’s when I wanted to go further,” Shalash said. “I really want to expand this. I know Springboro needs it. They’re opening restaurants, (but) there’s no dessert (cafés) where you could just go and buy desserts.”

Shalash added while there are nearby ice cream shops, her vision was to have a shop that was “an ultimate sweet spot” for people on dates or just in the mood to treat themselves. She also mentioned some ice cream shops that are open, like Springboro’s K&W Drive-in, are closed for a large portion of the year.

Sweet Tooth will be open Sunday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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