Warm up with a bowl of soup: Here are some of Dayton’s favorites

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

As the Dayton region experiences a big chill, the South is recovering from an ice storm and the Northeast is preparing for a polar blast. Winter is definitely here and there is no better way to warm up than with a big bowl of soup.

Sipping up spoonfuls of savory broth, meat and vegetables really just heats the bones and the soul.

We asked our readers to share their favorite destinations for soup in the Dayton area. Here are the results:

🍲 Big Sky Bread Company

Location: 3070 Far Hills Ave. C, Dayton

Favorites: Vegetable, Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Tortilla

What people have to say: “(Big Sky Bread Company has a) personable atmosphere and the soup is excellent. Breads that go with it are also incredible,” said Demetri Inempolidis of Oakwood.

🍲 Blind Bob’s

Location: 430 E. Fifth St., Dayton

Favorite: Pickle and Loaded Baked Potato

🍲 Buckhorn Tavern

Location: 8800 Meeker Rd., Dayton

Favorite: French Onion

What people have to say: “It’s still the best I’ve ever had to this day. And I live in Las Vegas these days and have yet to come across better,” said Hugh Jorgan.

🍲 Cherry House Cafe

Location: 1241 Meadow Bridge Dr., Beavercreek

Favorite: Chicken Pot Pie

What people have to say: “Tastes amazing and is priced nice,” said Misty Cameron of Riverside.

“Great people. Feels like home,” said Christina Hale of Washington D.C.

🍲 Coco’s Bistro

Location: 250 Warren St., Dayton

Favorite: Tomato Bisque

🍲 Dorothy Lane Market

Locations: 2710 Far Hills Ave., Dayton, 6177 Far Hills Ave., Dayton and 740 N. Main St., Springboro

Favorites: Santa Fe Chicken, Mushroom, Curry Turkey, Stuffed Pepper, Chicken Pasta

What people have to say: “DLM always has so many choices and the Santa Fe is unbelievably yummy. By far the best soup I’ve ever eaten,” said Paul Moody of Dayton.

🍲 Doubleday’s

Locations: 101 E. Alex Bell Rd., Suite 120, Centerville and 776 N. Main St., Springboro

Favorites: Chicken Chili, French Onion, Potato, Chicken Tortilla

What people have to say: “There are so many different choices and they are all delicious,” said Tiffany Haynes of West Milton.

“(The potato soup) is the perfect consistency of yummy potato and melted cheese,” said Kathy Steele-Keller of Dayton.

🍲 Dublin Pub

Location: 300 Wayne Ave., Dayton

Favorite: Potato

🍲 Fifth Street Brewpub

Location: 1600 E. Fifth St., Dayton

Favorite: Roasted Red Pepper

🍲 Grist

Location: 46 W. Fifth St., Dayton

Favorites: Any of their soup offerings

What people have to say: “Their soup offerings change regularly and we like each one we have tried. Each one is unique and a delicious blend of fresh ingredients,” said Anne Davis.

🍲 Jimmie’s Ladder 11

Location: 936 Brown St., Dayton

Favorite: Clam Chowder

🍲 Jorrge’s Restaurante Cantina

Location: 3800 Wilmington Pike, Kettering

Favorite: Chicken

What people have to say: “Unexpected place to get unbelievable soup. Much flavor, huge pieces of tender chicken and sliced avocado on top,” said Laura Carter of Kettering.

🍲 Linh’s Bistro

Location: 5532 Airway Rd., Dayton

Favorite: Pho Ga

What people have to say: “It is delicious,” said Amy Rollins of Kettering.

🍲 Little Saigon

Location: 1718 Woodman Dr., Kettering

Favorite: Vietnamese soup bowl

🍲 Oakwood Club

Location: 2414 Far Hills Ave., Dayton

Favorite: French Onion

🍲 Panera

Locations: Several across the Dayton area

Favorites: Chicken Noodle, Broccoli Cheese

What people have to say: “The consistency, taste and appearance of Panera’s broccoli cheese soup,” said Mildred Sherron of Trotwood.

🍲 Singha Thai

Location: 4123 W. Town and Country Rd., Kettering

Favorite: Tom-Yum with chicken

What people have to say: “You get enough for a couple meals, and it always makes me feel better, no matter what’s wrong,” said Barbara Kedziora of Oakwood.

🍲 Spaghetti Warehouse

Location: 36 W. Fifth St., Dayton

Favorite: Minestrone

🍲 Treasure Island Supper Club

Location: 4250 Chief Woods Ln., Moraine

Favorite: Crab Bisque, French Onion

🍲 Wheat Penny

Location: 515 Wayne Ave., Dayton

Favorite: Any of the daily soup specials

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