Zack Sliver enters new era with latest EP



After two recent releases under the moniker Yuppie, Zack Sliver tore everything down and started from scratch. It was the right move because the excellent new EP, “Peculiar,” is lightyears beyond his 2017 album, “Old Feeling New.”

Sliver broke from past protocol early by enlisting outside songwriting assistance. After recording digitally with Jeremy Mix at Encore Recording Studios for the full-length and follow-up EP, “A Place to Call My Own” (2020), he worked with Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording Company for the first time.

Sliver also used different musicians, including Himes (guitar, keyboards) and Brian Hoeflich (drums). The core band also featured Eric Bluebaum (bass) and Scotty Houchens (piano).

Sliver recently discussed “Peculiar,” which was released on June 8.

Finding inspiration: “I was furloughed for four months early in COVID. I had skeletons to all the songs. They were 80 percent done but they weren’t where I wanted them. I was at home with no schedule and all the video games and vodka a man could want but I hit a roadblock in songwriting. I realized I needed experiences to write music.”

Creativity advisor: “Gospel singer Sarah Kelly is an old family friend, and she runs the Sarah Kelly Music School in Texas. They assign you a partner to write with and challenge your ideas. Meagan Allen, a singer-songwriter in Nashville, became the person and we clicked. She was a big help.”

Cohesive vision: “Patrick had great ideas on how to structure all the instrumentation. The way he can map out a composition is insane. There are all these little intricacies that make it more of a journey versus all the instruments going crazy all at once. These songs are telling a story that you’re kind of walking through.”

Dream team: “I’ve always really liked Eric Bluebaum’s bands No Balance and Maharaja. He came up with some of the craziest bass riffs, which helped the record groove really well. Brian Hoeflich goes in and plays drums with just a sheet of paper and no music. My brain can’t work like that. Scotty Houchins from the Pullouts played some piano and he’s just a delight.”

In sync: “Recording with Patrick was amazing. We worked really hard but this was the easiest record I’ve ever made. He’s the best producer I’ve ever worked with. I can’t wait to make the next record together.”

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