Daytonian of the Week: Baron Von Porkchop

Stephen Alexander should not be mistaken for his alter ego, the 18th century ghoulish and some would say foolish Baron Von Porkchop.

"I am not an @$$&%!& like he is at least I try not to be," the 28-year-old host of "Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre" said with a laugh. "He’s very outspoken and loud and eccentric. I am not that way at all. I am pretty much an introvert."

The brainchild of Stephen and his cousin Matt Brassfield, the Baron and his ghostly friends have been spreading havoc and hi jinx on DATV since 2010.

In a sense, the show is a continuation of famed Dayton horror host Dr. Creep's hell-raising legacy.

Barry Hobart, best known as Dr. Creep, suffered a series of massive strokes in December 2010 and died that following January.

Stephen, a Dayton native and Kettering Fairmont High School graduate, said his cousin Matt is a huge Dr. Creep fan. Matt was hoping to help Dr. Creep relaunch a show just before the horror host died.

The idea for the Baron came around that time.

Matt Brassfield and Baron Von Porkchop (Stephen Alexander) at the Baron's first-ever public appearance at HorrorHound Weekend in 2011. (Contributed photo)

His show airs Friday at midnight on DATV and live stream, or on Mondays at 1 a.m.  You can also find it midnight Friday on MVCC and the MVCC.NET live stream.

The show's fifth Halloween special airs Friday.

Stephen says people love horror shows because they are fun and nostalgic.

The Baron definitely has a fitting personality.

"He thinks he is better than everybody. He’s goofy and does goofy things," Stephen said.

We caught up with Baron Von Porkchop, this week's Daytonian of the Week:


Job Title?

Horror Host

Who are you… really?

This is a quite profound question, I am Baron Von Porkchop slaughterhouse extraordinaire and among one of the greatest horror hosts to have every graced the TV screen.

What superpower would you love to have?

I would love to be able to control people's minds, more specifically the minds of the creatures I create, because they are always running off and getting into trouble.

What do you love about life in Dayton?

I love everything about Dayton! All of my little Piggies that roam the streets and dark corners. I can't pick one specific thing.

What would you do on a perfect date in Dayton?

Well me and the Baroness like to wander Woodland Cemetery and look at all the interesting grave stones, if you haven't taken a date there then you don't know how to treat a lady!

Photo of Baron Von Porkchop (AKA Stephen Alexander) taken by Theresa Lopez.

Where do you go for a great time?

There are so many amazing places to visit. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton Art Institute, pick a brewery (Dayton's craft beer: A guide to breweries) or just a stroll down Fifth Street.

How does one become a baron?

Well, though I do come from a long line of pork related royalty, Baron is my actual name; it's not a title. If you are referring to how I became an un-dead ghoul brought back to life to eternally watch old movies, then the story is a long one. I was born into a wealthy pork empire in the early 18th century where my family, though all dying in strange pork related accidents, amassed a great fortune. I was the last of the Porkchop line and fearing that I too would meet my fate in some nasty pork-related incident, I found myself seeking out a witch doctor, who in turn granted me what he called "forever life." This was supposed to protect my wife, my butler (and best friend), and myself from death. Ironically whilst secretly (my wife and butler were not with me) riding home in my horse-drawn carriage the driver lost control and I plummeted to my "death" of off New Burlington's highest cliff. Since they had no idea that I was "immortal," my wife and butler buried me in our family plot, where I stayed, in slumber for decades. Until one day a wily young director by the name of Matt Brassfield had a brilliant idea for a new show; all he needed was a dashing un-dead host. Going to the library and digging up my family history, he pieced together what I had done all those years ago and with the realization that I, in fact, might not be entirely dead, he sought out my beloved and butler who where living in seclusion because of their, let's say, "condition.".  They took him to my family plot, and they dug me up, and here I am for all of you to enjoy!

What’s wrong with the world?

It needs more horror hosts like myself.

Source: Baron Von Porkchop/Facebook

How do you deal with enemies?

Well, I have one true enemy that funny looking chicken pusher Count Van Lambchop and I've yet to find a way to "deal" with him.

Count Van Lambchop (Source: Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre/Facebook)

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Romantic comedies.

How did you push through the challenge?

Of being un-dead? Well, I just try and take it day by day, movie by movie.

What do you think Dayton will look like in 10-15 years?

I hope it is thriving and wonderful! If I had my way, there would be butcher shops on every corner, and I would run the whole city.

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