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'Miserable' Dayton cat in Halloween costumes causes backlash

Sometimes what looks like a frown is just some cat's adorable kitty face.

Humane Society of Greater Dayton spokeswoman Jessica Garringer, said her agency received so many complaints about photos of its shelter mascot Kissifer dressed in Halloween costumes that it decided to stop posting them to Facebook ... for now.

"They were saying he looks miserable," she said of the pictures posted as part of 31 Days of Halloween. "He’s not miserable. He is happy and spoiled."

Garringer said the somewhat sad and disapproving expression on Kissifer's face is just how his face looks.

"He’s like our Grumpy Cat," Garringer said.

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→The search is on for Dayton’s next community cat coordinator←

Many people like the photos. Others? Not so much.

"And he is just can tell by his face....poor kitty"  - Ginger Robbins

"H e hates you."  - Trendy Lindy

" My cats wouldn't stand for that!! LOL!" -  Melissa Luke-Foster

Garringer says anyone who has visited the Humane Society at 1661 Nicholas Road in Dayton has probably seen the black furball strutting around being adorable.

It is what Kissifer does.

He is officially owned by shelter manager Mackenzie Phillips, but the 7-year-old feline lives at the shelter and pretty much goes where he wants.

Shelter spokeswoman said it is Kissifer happy and grumpy. (Photo source: Nicholas Sylvain and Tina Lawson)

"He gets spoiled with treats," she said, noting that volunteers, patrons and staff love them some Kissifer.

Unfortunately, he can't tell his side of the story...he's a cat.

That said, how many cats do you know that would let you dress them in anything if they didn't want to be dressed in that anything?

Humane Society of Greater Dayton mascot Kissifer's costumes have caused a small 'Scandal.' (Source: ABC's Scandal/Facebook and Humane Society of Greater Dayton/Facebook)

Fans of the Halloween pictures, do not despair. You'll get your fix.

Garringer said the plan is to post a gallery of 31 photos of Kissifer dressed in costumes mostly donated by pet stores on Halloween.

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