Thanks Dayton! 713 cards sent for 105-year-old's b-day

Jane N. Scott could take a photo of her mom with the four bags of birthday cards you mailed her mom this year, but that would be kind of a waste of time.

"We probably could not see her face," said Scott, a longtime Yellow Springs resident. "To see all of them is just amazing."

Ruby with 50 birthday cards sent to her last year thanks to a request her cousin posted on Facebook. She received 713 this year. (Contributed)

The Dayton area turned to snail mail in a big way after we told you about a request to honor Fairborn's Ruby Evangeline Wells Nicholson on May 27, her 105th birthday.

I wrote  that blog after catching word of Joberta E. Wells' Facebook post asking that birthday cards be sent to Ruby, Joberta's first cousin.

Joberta, a firecracker and columnist from Yosemite, Ky., made a similar request for Ruby's 104th birthday and that resulted in 50 cards.

I was hoping we could help Ruby get 105 cards for her 105th birthday.

You had bigger ideas.

A whopping 713 birthday cards - everything you can imagine - ended up in Ruby's mailbox.

Jane said her mom was blown away by the response, and read each and every one of the cards.

"It was an illustration of the kindness of people and how the kindness of strangers  can make someone's day better,"  Jane said. "And it did."

The bulk of the cards came from the Dayton area, but there were a few from Italy and Germany. Many included personal messages and decorations.

Joberta and other family members from Kentucky visited Ruby (seated) for a pre-birthday celebration. Joberta is in the middle of this photo with her sister Joy and Jane. They enjoyed chocolate cake. Hollon Flowers of Fairborn later sent Ruby 105 long stem roses for her big day. Her daughter made cupcakes. (submitted)

Jane, her mom's official card opener, said  Ruby wishes she would have kept a tally of things like how often "God bless you" and "wow" were used in the message and the types of stamps used.

"Some people went out of their way to create the cards," Jane said. "People were really kind to mother, really thoughtful."

At least four classes −  kindergarten, junior high, third grade and fourth grade − sent Ruby cards.

Jane said she normally ignores requests like the one made for her mother.

No more.

She knows how powerful reaching out can be.

"It really has meant as lot for mother," she said.

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