Vote & show your favorite craft brewery some love, whether Bud likes it or not

Budweiser may not like craft beer (even though the company is always snatching up breweries). But by the looks of it, a lot of people around here do.

Pete Hilgeman, owner of the Dayton Beer Company, hoists a brew in the microbrewery’s tasting room in Kettering. Hilgeman has signed a lease to open an 8,000-square-foot production brewery and beer hall on East Second Street near Fifth Third Field in downtown Dayton. MARSHALL GORBY / STAFF

Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that the beer giant owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, a Belgian-Brazilian-American beverage company based in Leuven, Belgium, took a swipe at craft beer — and the supposed pumpkin, peach ale sipping hipsters who love it — in a Super Bowl commercial.

Bully much?

You probably also know that hispters — God bless them — aren't the only ones who enjoy craft beers.

Man does it taste good.

And you know Ohio — the Dayton area in particular — is experiencing a craft beer renaissance.

With that in mind, show some love to your favorite craft breweries.

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