Who has the most kickass patio in the Dayton area?

You know what's subjective... nearly everything.

The Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs

We came up with a list of 13 kickass patios in the Dayton area a few weeks back, posted it online and ran  it in GO! powered by Dayton.com.

Many people dug it.

A drink on one of Lily's Bistro patios? Why yes if I must. (photo source: Facebook)

Others thought we must have been flying high from a Colorado vacation when we came up with the list. Or at least were sad we missed some of their favorites.

"You missed an entire fabulous outdoor dining destination in today's GO! magazine. Shame on you," Doug Sorrell said in an email. "From Bullwinkles on the north end of Main Street in Downtown Miamisburg to TJ Chumps at S. Main and Linden, diners have no less than five outdoor dining opportunities, plus an ice cream shop with an outdoor area. Surely one of these dining spots should have made your list."


We still think our list kicks major badonkadonk, but with so many great patios in the community, we know there is room for other opinions... expressly yours.

The patio at TJ Chumps in Miamisburg. (Source: Facebook)

We'd love to know which restaurant or bar you think has the very best patio in the Dayton area. If you don't see your favorite, please add it.

Those with the most votes will be highlighted in an upcoming article.

This is an unofficial poll and strictly just for fun. Vote for up to three places once per day.

El Meson's patio. Source: Facebook.

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