BEST OF DAYTON: Celebrate culinary nostalgia at the best old-school restaurants in Dayton

Tasty cuisine aside, ambiance is equally important when sitting down to a meal at a restaurant. This is why, for many diners, eating at restaurants with an old-school feel, whether authentic or curated, can elevate any dining experience.

So, where can you find some of this old-school ambiance in Dayton? Well, for starters, you can find it in many of the old-school clubs and decades-old dining institutions across the city.

Luckily, to help you narrow down this search for the best old-school restaurants in Dayton, we include a section in our yearly “Best of Dayton” contest dedicated to this pursuit.

>> How to cast your vote in’s Best of Dayton contest

We asked our readers to nominate their favorite spots. Those that received the most nominations are now up for vote in our Best of Dayton contest. And now, it’s our turn to ask you, Daytonians, to tell us which old-school restaurant is your favorite.

Here are the finalists for best old-school restaurant in Dayton:

🍽Hickory Bar-B-Q 

1082 Brown St., Dayton | (937) 228-5252 | Website | Facebook

🍽Jay's Seafood

225 E. Sixth St., Dayton | (937) 222-2892 | Website | Facebook


2350 S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd., New Carlisle | (937) 849-1378 | Website | Facebook

🍽The Florentine

21 W. Market St., Germantown | (937) 855-7759 | Website | Facebook

🍽The Oakwood Club

2414 Far Hills Ave., Dayton | (937) 293-6973 | Website | Facebook

🍽The Pine Club

1926 Brown St., Dayton | (937) 228-7463 | Website | Facebook

>> The Pine Club flexes its muscles against competitors in Best of Dayton 2018

🍽The Root Beer Stande

1727 Woodman Dr., Dayton | (937) 640-1114 | Website | Facebook

🍽The Tavernette

111 W. Main St., Medway | (937) 849-0423 | Website | Facebook

🍽Treasure Island Supper Club

4250 Chief Woods Lane, Moraine | (937) 299-6161 | Website | Facebook


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