Wheat Penny Oven and Bar serves a cauliflower t-bone served with roasted potatoes and zucchini with mint. The t-bone is garnished with chopped sauce made of olive, garlic, capers, raisins, orange segments herbs and olive oil. LISA POWELL / STAFF
Photo: Lisa Powell
Photo: Lisa Powell

BEST OF DAYTON: The best destinations for vegan dining

When it comes to vegan dining, Dayton has some delicious options.

These are the top three winners of Best Vegan Dining in Dayton.com’s Best of 2018 contest:


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WINNER: Wheat Penny Oven & Bar

Cauliflower T-Bone, Wheat Penny Oven and Bar
Photo: Wheat Penny, Facebook

Wheat Penny is a restaurant built around pizza, but it has evolved to be a dining destination for brunch, vegan and diet-friendly meals as well. It’s even brought in a few famous faces over the years. You can substitute vegan cheese on your pizza. There are also a ton of vegetarian dishes that can be made vegan upon special request. One of the most popular menu items is the Cauliflower T-Bone. Wheat Penny encourages customers to call ahead to discuss special menu requests as well.

“The kitchen preps a thick center-cut slice of cauliflower, poaching in aromatic broth and cooking it to a deep, burnished brown on the flat top until it looks like a steak. It is garnished with a rough-chopped salsa-like sauce of olives, garlic, capers, raisins, orange segments, herbs and good olive oil. It's billed as a savory, dramatic, center-of-the-plate take on a favorite vegetable and it is that exactly,” Dayton.com food writer Alexis Larsen wrote.

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515 Wayne Ave., Dayton | 937-496-5268 | WebsiteFacebook

SECOND PLACE: Christopher's Restaurant

Christopher’s Restaurant & Catering, Kettering. (MICHELLE FONG/STAFF)

Christopher’s Restaurant, tucked away in a Kettering Plaza, has been a Dayton dining gem for 25 years. This restaurant goes above and beyond to cater to special dietary needs, from gluten-free to vegan. It even goes so far as to offer special theme nights: Gluten-free Taco Tuesdays and Vegan Wednesdays.

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2318 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering | 937-299-0089 | WebsiteFacebook

THIRD PLACE: Lucky's Taproom & Eatery 

Cup of Lucky’s Vegan Tequila Chili. (Staff photo by Amelia Robinson

Take one look at the menu for Lucky’s Taproom & Eatery in the Oregon District, and you’ll see just how vegan-friendly this restaurant can be. Vegan Tequila Chili, vegan sauces, vegan cheese, vegan bread faux chicken and veggies are just some of the many options.

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520 E. Fifth St., Dayton | 937-222-6800 | FacebookWebsite